TCA Arshag Dickranian School Observes the Yule Season with Two Events

Los Angeles, December 27, 2013 – The Christmas and Holiday Season was a special experience for TCA Arshag Dickranian School this year, as students of TCA ADS performed at two events dedicated to the celebration of Christmas.  Both were enchanting events that garnered a lot of admiration from attendants and lit the Christmas spirit in the Arshag Dickranian Community.

The first performance took place on December 5th, at the Western Diocese in Burbank, where all Armenian schools were invited to celebrate Christmas together as a Diocesan tradition. Our school team, comprised of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th and 11th grade students, was the sole provider of entertainment at the event.  which included poetry recitation, Christmas Carols and dances.

Arshag Dickranian School’s hour long performance started at 10:00 a.m. and included Christmas carols sung by the school choir, poetry recited by the 4th and 5th grade students, and dances performed by the 5th, 9th and 11th graders such as the Cha-Cha Dance and the Armenian folkloric dances. The other Armenian schools that attended the event praised Arshag Dickranian School for its talented students and its ability to deliver such an amazing program.

After the event, Principal Dr. Manoug Seraydarian was invited to the podium by His Eminence Archbishop Hovnan Derderian and was rewarded an icon of the Baptism of Jesus Christ, as a gesture of gratitude and recognition for the wonderful performance of our students. Dr. Seraydarian thanked the Archbishop and Diocese and promised to always encourage students in being creative the way they have been this season.

The second celebration was the Annual Christmas Program which took place on December 16, at the school’s Walter and Laurel Karabian Hall.  The guests of honor were school benefactress Mrs. Cindy Norian, school benefactor Hmayak Baltayan and Board Chairman Mr. George K. Mandossian. Parents, teachers and guests eagerly awaited with their cameras ready to record their children’s performance.


The program started at 7:00 p.m. with the song “Silent Night” sung by 11th grade student Armine Gulyan, who enchanted the hall with her beautiful, operatic voice. Next, 9th grade student Marine Sanosyan delivered the welcoming remarks, greeting guests and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.


Heralding the birth of the infant King, the masterfully staged program was comprised of Christmas carols, such as “Deck The Halls” and “Feliz Navidad”,  sung intermittently by the school choir under the direction of music teacher Mr. Komitas Keshishian, a variety of solo and group recitations, selective solo and group dances, as well as  several skits depicting the myth of the season.


The solo recitations were delivered by 9th grader Mania Mgdsyan (Shnorhavor Nor Dari), seventh grader Victoria Topalian (Arants Havadi), and 9th graders Lily and Ani Sarafian (Hye Lezoon), while the dances were performed by Marine Sanosyan (Gadagy Bar), Lilit Ayrapetyan and Hagop Toumanian (Cha Cha Cha),  6th graders (Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer) and 11th graders (Ov Hayotz Ashkharh).


The performances of the Pre-Kindergartners and Kindergartners were of special note, charming the audience as they appeared on stage one by one clapping their hands. The Pre-kindergarten students recited short poems about Christmas, whereas the Kindergartners, who appeared in Christmas themed costumes recited poems about their costumes.


The group performances included Christmas poetry recited by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, the recitation of “Mer Aypoopen” and “Lseer Vortees” by the 6th grade students, and the song “All I Want For Christmas” which was sung by the 1st and 2nd graders.


The 5th graders delivered a short play called “Varteniner Yev Yeghevneen”, dressed in colorful costumes of flowers, pine trees and Santa Clause, which delighted the audience and kept them entertained.


At the end, all students who participated in the program, ranging from Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, gathered on the stage as the final part of the event, singing “Silver Bell”, following the lead of 7th grade students Jacqueline Mkrtchyan and Teresa Harutunyan. Ninth grade student Mania Mgdsyan then invited Principal Dr. Manoug Seraydarian to the stage to deliver his closing remarks.


“Thank you to all the students for such a wonderful performance tonight. Thank you also to our teachers, without whom this event would have been impossible to organize. I take great pride in being the principal of a school that has so many talented, creative students and hard working teachers,” said Dr. Manoug Seraydarian. He then proceeded to announce the donations that were made to the school that evening. “I would like to thank the daughters of the late Arshag Dickranian, school benefactresses Cindy Norian and Laurel Karabian, for donating $25,000 and school benefactor Mr. Hmayak Baltayan for donating $1000. We appreciate your dedication and interest to help and support the school.” The audience clapped in gratitude for the wonderful event and for the donations that were made to the school.


The school would like to thank music teacher Mr. Komitas Keshishian, Armenian teachers Mrs. Nazeli Kojayan and Mrs. Arevik Nazaryan, pre-kindergarten teacher Mrs. Madlena Marikyan and teacher assistant Mrs. Tamara Nahapetyan, kindergarten teacher Mrs. Aline Bezdikian, elementary teachers Mrs. Lilit Beyleyan, Mrs. Lusine Asatryan, Mrs. Violet Tatoian and Mrs. Ashley Kirakossian, and all the students who participated in the performances, for putting together such a wonderful, entertaining event before Christmas. The school would also like to thank parent Mr. Michel Antossian for designing the costumes of the performers and the parents of the kindergarten students for raising the funds for their children’s costumes.

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