TCA Arshag Dickranian School Choir Performs At St. John Armenian Church’s Holy Mass For Palm Sunday

Los Angeles, April 25, 2014 – On Sunday, April 13, the School Choir of TCA Arshag Dickranian School performed Holy Mass & Divine Liturgy at St. John Armenian Apostolic Church in celebration of Palm Sunday. The Mass started at 10:30 a.m. and lasted till 1:00 p.m. and was led by Rev. Fr. Manoug Markarian.

ADS Choir Palm Sunday 1

Accompanied by Forth Grade Homeroom Teacher, Mrs. Violet Tatoian, and Junior High Math Teacher, Ms. Maria Melkumyan, ADS Choir Members, who ranged from 4th through 7th grade levels, eagerly gathered at the church and prepared themselves as attendants filled the church. School Principal, Dr. Manoug Seraydarian, and Board Chairman, Mr. George K. Mandossian, and parents of many students, were among attendants of the Mass as well, and were all excited to see ADS students perform in the ceremony.

The Mass started with the prayers and blessings of Fr. Manoug Markarian, which was then followed by hymns and songs performed by the Church Choir and the School Choir. The ADS students were excited to finally sing the hymns they had put a lot of effort to learn in school at church. Next, Fr. Manoug Markarian initiated the traditional walk around the church and the students of Arshag Dickranian School participated in the walk by following him with beautifully decorated candles as they sang and chanted prayers. Church attendants were impressed with the impeccable performance of the hymns by the ADS Choir since they are very difficult chants to learn, especially for children. They looked at the ADS students with awe and astonishment.

After gathering inside the church once again, Fr. Manoug Markarian offered attendants his final blessings and thanked Arshag Dickranian’s School Choir for their participation in the Mass, praising the students for their flawless recitation of Armenian church hymns. He continued by inviting the School Choir to perform at every last Sunday of each month. The School was pleased to positively respond to the Pastor’s invitation.

ADS Choir Palm Sunday 2

After Mass, ADS students, parents, teachers, school staff and church goers gathered in the church courtyard wishing each other a Happy Palm Sunday. The ADS choir members were showered with compliments from church goers and attendants, who commended them for their performance and expressed their admiration of the school choir. In return, the students humbly thanked them for their compliments and expressed their gratitude for having the opportunity to participate in a formal Mass ceremony at St. John Church in celebration of Palm Sunday.

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