School Principal

SeraydarianDr. Manoug Seraydarian was announced as the school’s new principal in summer 2013. Born in Aleppo, Syria, Dr. Seraydarian earned his┬ádoctorate degree from the University of Aleppo in 1988, where he also taught as lecturer in Oral Medicine and Pathology. After immigrating to the U.S. with his family, Dr. Seraydarian attended the UCLA Graduate School of Education and completed the course of Mathematics Education Leadership Institute in 2005 followed by UCLA Mathematics Project’s Continuing Teacher Leaders Institute in 2006.

Dr. Seraydarian has over three decades of experience as educator and department chair, ranging in several educational levels which he attained by serving in several Armenian schools, including Ferrahian, Rose and Alex Pilibos, and Mesrobian. He is also known to the Armenian community through his regular appearances on Horizon Armenian TV, as well as his occasional lectures delivered from the stages of several Armenian Organizations.